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Part 2: Definitely Not Breakfast At Tiffany’s & Ms Possum Meets the Prince

September 19, 2012

So Ms Possum has arrived in Riyadh and chauffeur driven to the Al Khozama Hotel. The wonderful Ms L coincided briefly there and went through the action-packed itinerary that would see them through the next few days and then it was Pumpkin time; ie: time for all good possums to hit the hay.

The next morning, the Abayah clad Ms Possum was rearing to go and went down to breakfast – a sole female in a dining room awash with white-robed Arabian men with a few international businessmen to boot. A girl dreams of undivided male attention – but not this sort – the body language signalled “what on earth was an unaccompanied female doing breakfasting in our vicinity?”

Ms Possum was not to be phased and happily chatted away to the curious waiters as if this was the most natural thing in the world for her. The whole team of all male hotel staff got used to the irrepressible Ms Possum and came to expect a cheery Hello from her. They remembered how she liked her eggs; were surprised when she asked about their lives; totally intrigued how a lone girl had come to Saudi Arabia to do business and blown away when they realised which Prince had sponsored the visit. They became quite protective of Ms Possum in ensuring she got into the right car and was safe and the little posy of flowers as a farewell was a touching gesture.Ms Possum's breakfast

Armed with a suitcase full of possum samples and pressies, Ms Possum met the Prince at his Business HQ. Having been educated and employed in the UK a few moons ago, the Prince’s English was impeccable and his manner genial. The Prince is a Philanthropist and has many charities – one of which was to assist disadvantaged women into meaningful work. The brief: to design Bedouin inspired décor or clothing in possum fur in such a way so that local women could incorporate their own local craft into the equation. Ms Possum sooo approved of this noble cause and subsequently came up with a modular concept where designs can be mixed and matched in plated form to provide the basis for throws, rugs, garment linings, wall hangings, etc. Then local women could hand weave their own backings and attach Egyptian braids or plaits to embellish. (Click pictures to enlarge.)

Ms Possum's take on a classic Bedouin design ...then multiplied out a few times ...then tassels added Ms Possum's take on a Bedouin tent Design repeated as many times as required Ms Possum's inspiration was from a camel saddle Design multiplied out a few times ...or just as a luxurious tasselled cushion Arabian geometric design Multiplied out a few times ...or adding mixing and matching with another design ...or the whole gee-whizz shebang Ms Possum's take on Arabian herringbone Design multiplied out a few times Ms Possum's take on Arabian Houndstooth Multiplied out a few times Cushions, pillows, throws & rugs can all be made from these modular designs

The next instalment is all about Ms Possum’s delicious dinner with diplomats! (To follow the never-ending story click here.)

New Custom Throws

November 9, 2008

We’ve just got in the scrummiest new hides for one of our discerning clients and look what we’ve made – a dramatic reversible raw edge bed throw that nonchalantly drapes over a settee or bed with unabated elegance.

Raw Edge Possum Fur Throw

This throw has a chocolate suede reverse with a dark wash over the natural possum fur to give a depth of colour and texture that really epitomises the best in luxury décor. Turn back a corner; completely reverse it, or wallow in the sheer fluffiness of a few dozen pelts – the choice is yours.

We will quote in any size and colour – simply email us your requirements as we are carrying out an increasing amount of custom work. For some other examples of our gorgeous throws, click here, or check out more of our custom work at Flickr.

Custom Designed Possum Fur Decor

July 24, 2008

We’ve just finished a couple of decor commissions for clients who wanted something a little different!

The first one is a white, queen size Possum fur throw. Because of the bleaching process we had to be super-careful during construction and reinforce everything. The result looks fantastic, and we could totally imagine it in an ultra-modern bedroom.

 White Possum Fur Queen Bed Throw

The second design was a little more rustic — a tri-colour Possum fur throw. Our client couldn’t decide which shade of natural she liked best — so chose them all! The finished throw looks amazing. The tones in the natural grey hides makes the reddish parts of the natural brown really pop!

Tri-Colour Possum Fur Throw

If you’d love something special, but can’t find it on our site, get in touch with us and we can discuss your options.

New Fur Throw Product Development

May 29, 2008

We’ve been working with our tannery to develop new products using shorn Possum hides. The initial results are very encouraging!

The hides are shorn to 20mm allowing the subtle variegations of color to emerge. The shorn fur has a soft velvety finish.

The image below is one of our experimental medium throws with a couple of Possum Fur pillows. What do you think? We’d love some feedback!

Shorn Possum Fur Throw

If you’d like to see some of the other products have a look at this set on flickr.