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Ms Possum, Intrepid Traveler and Fur Researcher

March 4, 2010

Hello Possums

Yep, it’s the big freeze in the Northern Hemisphere, but spare a thought for Ms Possum getting a tad hot under the collar in 97% humidity and temperatures in the high 20’s here in Auckland, New Zealand. Phew!

However, at the beginning of the year I was over your way just in time to experience the UK’s coldest winter in decades.  Yeah, had to go then as Possum NZ shut the factory for a few weeks, like any other self respecting manufacturer in this neck of the woods. This was my chance to research the fur scene away from home once more. The things I do for the sake of work, huh? It’s a tough life!

So, I’m in the UK freezing my little possum merino sox off and what better way to keep warm but to go shopping.  I didn’t need much inducement with all the 50-70% off sales in full swing and the newish Westfield undercover shopping mall at Shepherd’s Bush that went on forever – a girls’ paradise, if ever I saw one! Check out some of my pix from this colossus of a place:
Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London
(Click on any of the images to see full size version on Flickr)

It was survival of the fittest here, as the bargains were worth fighting over and then there were queues for the changing rooms and at the checkouts.  It was retail at an adrenalin pumping, manic level that has to be seen to be believed.

I almost didn’t survive the “River Island” experience – more clothes on the floor than on the hangers and all these vicious females grabbing armfuls of goodies like there was no tomorrow! Argghhh! Yes Possums, the claws were out and I fought bravely, but the foe outnumbered me!

UGG Store at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush, London The above queues however, paled into insignificance to the looooong line snaking outside of the “Ugg Shop”.  Here were all these patient shoppers waiting in haphazard formation for up to 45 minutes (according to the security guard who only let a few in at a time) to spend 200 quid plus.  Yep, reverse psychology was being well used here – everyone else on sale but Ugg was holding its prices.  (Click on the image to see full size version on Flickr)


Why am I telling you this?

Well, I’ve just designed a new footwear range and mixed New Zealand possum fur with sheepskin, plus gone a tad dotty with our New Zealand Friesian Cow skin Moomoo range that has random spots plastered all over the show.

They look funky and feel delightfully soft and spongey on the inside.  I’ve also specified heavy duty gridded soles for the boots and non slip flexi soles for the slippers.  OK, they don’t have UGG written on the label, but they are seriously warm, durable and hand-cut wherever possible by Possum New Zealand. Plus you definitely won’t spend anywhere near 200 quid!  Check out our new footwear range today.

Then it was off to Barcelona where temperatures were a balmy 16 degrees and this is the place if you want it all – art, architecture, fashion, culture and the beach.  Nothing prepares you for the sheer scale and magnificence of Gaudi’s masterpieces.  The wait for the elevator to the top of one of Sagrada Familia’s steeples was truly worth it, as one can view at close range the sad faced statues clinging to the sides of the building – as if they were threatening to jump off – contrasted by the gigantic, boldly coloured first fruits to God speared through the pointed steeple tops. Antoni Gaudi was a genius and his other works were as quirky and original as he drew from nature and avoided straight lines wherever possible.
Sagrada Familia Steeples, Barcelona Gaudi Masterpieces, Barcelona
(Click on any of the images to see full size version on Flickr)

So, what has all this got to do with fashion?

A lot actually, the Catalan people are a happy lot and their exuberance for life is not limited to their amazing architecture, but infiltrates into every aspect of fashion.  The two labels I found so appealing were Desigual and Custos. The use of bright colour and blending of different textures, patterns and trim in these labels is mind blowing, and like Gaudi, a bit quirky and offbeat.

Here are some of my fashion pix taken in the thick of things in the Designer district of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas:
Valentino, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Valentino, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Fur Fashion, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Fur Fashion, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Fur Fashion, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Louis Vuitton, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Store Entrance, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona Store Display, Designer District of Passeig de Gracias and Las Ramblas, Barcelona
(Click on any of the images to see full size version on Flickr)

Yes, faux fur or the real stuff is in vogue here and it inspires me to join up all my bright and gaudy babylamb and possum fur scraps and make a masterpiece or two!

Of course, the winner of Fur Central has to go to Italy once more.  This time, I was in Venice and it was magical.  Water, bridges, gondolas, glassware and masks abound at every turn.  Forget the map – the intricate labyrinth of cobbled lanes takes you out to multitudes of campos and piazzas, so my suggestion is just head for the Rialto Bridge (signs are everywhere) and digress anywhere you like in between, as the myriads of craft shops are sooo interesting.  

In the thick of Winter these elegant ladies thought nothing of coming out in their vintage mink coats and fur hats, and even dressing their mini pooches in like fashion.  They really need more possum fur over their way!!  Check out some Venetian fashion pix:
Fashion Masks, Venice Window Display, Venice Fur Fashion, Venice Window Display, Venice
(Click on any of the images to see full size version on Flickr)

So Possums, all this research means new things are in the offing – watch this space!

In the meantime, I’d love to deck you out in any of our warm possum fur, cowskin, or babylamb numbers – all made in New Zealand, largely from our workroom and all originally designed by Ms Possum herself. 

No excuse to freeze my little dahlings – we have everything to keep you snuggly warm!

So, be good and I look forward to hearing from my international hordes of hypothermic fellow critters real soon…


 Ms Possum (Intrepid Traveler and International Fur Researcher)

Oxford St Retail Windows

December 30, 2008

Here’s a selection of retail windows from Oxford St in London’s West End. The AW08 trends from the northern hemisphere are the use of bright colours and natural fabrics, cashmere, fur etc.

Zara H&M Oxford St Reiss Alexander McQueen at Selfridges Fendi at Selfridges Selfridges Accessories Topshop's Neon Circus H&M's Black Window UNIQLO UNIQLO UNIQLO UNIQLO UNIQLO Thorntons Chocolatier

Click on any of the images to see full size version on Flickr.

The Latest Fashion for Autumn

October 13, 2008

LEOPARD! It’s one of my absolute favourites, and it seems like it’s Kate Moss’ too… When I saw the leopard print coat that she has designed for ASOS, I just had to have it!

I’m pleased to say it arrived the other day, and looks just as fab in real life as it does on the net. I shall be wearing it everywhere. My spies have told me that it is everywhere in London at the moment – short jackets teamed with structured jeans and tan boots.

This Berman faux fur mini blazer also caught my eye – the cut is just divine, and judging by the photos that accompany it, Kate Moss rather likes this one too!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to layer your leopard print this autumn, check out our Possum Merino Venetia jacket. Not only is it ultra-warm, if you buy it during October you’ll get a FREE possum fur scarf collar and eco-bag. Over $100 of free stuff, so check it out today!

Custom Fox Collar

August 8, 2008

One of my clients asked me to ‘jazz-up’ a leather jacket that she wasn’t happy with.

I had some Australian feral Fox that I’d been wanting to work with, and I thought it worked perfectly with the tan leather. I especially love the white tips on the hides. They provide a lovely contrast with the rest of the golden-syrup coloured fur.

Just like on a make-over show, you can see the before and after photos below!

Leather Jacket sans Collar             Leather Jacket with Fox Collar

Fashion & Fur in Melbourne

July 29, 2008

I’ve just got back from whirlwind few days in Melboune. The shopping, as expected, was spectacular! We saw some amazing pelts in the Queen Victoria Markets – including the biggest Friesian hide I’ve seen.

One of the absolute highlights of the trip came in Myers Bourke St. They had a collection of extravagant haute couture window displays from Paris and New York. Some of the designers featured were Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Viktor and Rolf and Vera Wang. But the most sensational piece was a feathery Thierry Mugler creation worn by Eva Herzigova! It’s in the first 2 photos below. Click any of the images for a closer look.

Thierry Mugler   Eva Herzigova in Thierry Mugler   Karl Lagerfeld Gown   Viktor & Rolf Gown   Christian Dior Gown

Vera Wang Dress   A Yves Saint Laurent jacket   Dolce & Gabbana Purse   Laser Printed Cowskin   A rather large Friesian

Assorted Hides   Kangaroo Hides   The Green Men   Retail Therapy

Calfskin at London Fashion Week

July 4, 2008

One of Ms Possums favourite fashion houses Mango, sponsored a runway show at London Fashion Week, by designer Osman Yousefzada. One of the highlights of his collection was the beautiful tailored Calfskin skirts. Click here to see the video of his LFW runway show.

You can view Possum New Zealand’s calfskin Moomoo range here.

Fur at Milan Fashion Week

July 4, 2008

This article appeared in yesterdays Daily Mail Online Edition. The main theme of the article is wearing fur with a clean conscience. New Zealand Possum Fur even got a mention. Click the quote below to read the full article.

“Whether hemlines drop from midi to maxi or acid colours re-fade to black, one theme is a dead cert: the lavish, ubiquitous and unapologetic use of fur.”

Ms Possum regularly updates vintage fur coats for clients. If you’ve got some vintage fur hiding in the back of your wardrobe, why not pull it out and get it updated. Send us an email with a couple of pics and you could be in your new refurbished fur coat just in time for winter!

The European Fur Scene

July 4, 2008

Ms Possum has just returned from her European sojourn to Milan, Paris and London to gauge what is happening in the fashion fur scene. Equipped with no less than 6 layers of Possum merino knitted reinforcements and the odd possum fur hat and collar, Ms Possum looked suitably apt to conquer the minus 5 degree temperatures confronting her in the Northern Hemisphere Winter.

She braved the elements to give her fur aficionados the latest in fur goss and is very pleased to report the proliferation of fur fashion everywhere she went… If you would like to see the full-sized images, just click any of the thumbnails below.

Milan and Northern Italy

On the shores of Lugano in Northern Italy, beautiful women promenaded round the Lake in long flowing fur coats – the sort you see in Vogue but can’t imagine who could afford to buy. Well, they were all here in eye riveting splendour, with well dressed pooches the accessory of choice.

A short walk from the famous Duomo Cathedral – just past Leonardo Da Vinci’s statue – is Milan’s fabulous Designer district. Ms Possum was in near hysteria to discover salon after salon incorporating fur into its Winter Collections. The variations were endless with fur and bling thrown carefully together. Then there were leopard printed furs, fur and chunky knitted bags, puffer coats and jackets with over the top fur trimmed hoods and cuffs. Even the humble denim jacket was lifted to a new level with the addition of monstrous fur collars.

Fluffy Fur Trim Fluffy Fur Trim Possum Fur Jacket Woven Fur Jacket Dyed Fur Jacket Shorn Fur Creation Long and Short Haired Jackets Short Line Fur Jackets  Winter Fur Ensemble

But wait; in the midst of this mind blowing un-PC mix of mink and fox… Ms Possum was pleased to stumble upon our eco- friendly Possum fur direct from NZ!

New Zealand Possum fur Throw Possum Fur Throw NZ Possum Fur Coat New Zealand Possum Fur Fur + Bling European Boutique Store Fluffy Fur Collar Puffer Jacket trimmed with fur Raw Edge Fur Milanese Fur Milanese Fur Milanese Fur Fur Trimmed Scarf Fur Jacket Fur Trim Urban Chic Fur Georgous Fur Collar and Cuffs Fur Trimmed Jacket Collars Leopard Print Bag Leopard Print Stilletos

The Italian designers are using New Zealand’s possum fur for men’s hooded full length coats and luxurious bed throws. Ms Possum however, was very pleased to note that all of her customers would be decidedly better off contacting her direct with their furry orders than holding their breath with their credit cards at these illustrious houses of haute couture fashion!


In Paris, with the Champs Elyseé magically lit up at night, Ms Possum literally stood in the middle of a crossing in this very busy road, mesmerised by millions of lights and miraculously avoiding all traffic as she photographed the moment! There were more and more real and faux fur trimmed garments, until the mind boggles with the sheer profundity of it all. Even kid’s toys are constructed from fur! And what about fur trimmed umbrellas for the person who has everything, as discovered in the St Germain du Près District. Ms Possum really enjoyed being back in Paris and the marchés, fromageries and the boulangerie opposite her central apartment all added to the atmosphere.

Of course Ms Possum delighted in the Rue de Rivoli where she emptied her wallet –but being the cultured creature she is, couldn’t wait to walk on to the Louvre where she was delighted to say hello to Mona and Venus.

Fur and Denim Mink Jacket European leather Jacket Fur Trimmed Leather Fur Hats and Scarves Fur Trimmed Leather Fur Flapper Fashion Urban Fur Grunge Fur Scarf Outrageous Parisian Fur Toys Leopard and Denim Urban Chic European boutique


Back to London, and what better than the release of flapper 1920’s inspired fashion with beading, tassels and of course the obligatory fur bolero or stole. Even the short walk from Bayswater to the Portobello markets revealed an interior design store with a New Zealand possum fur throw draped nonchalantly in the window.

Possum Fur Throw Laser Printed Zebra

Then just off Portobello Rd, Ms Possum stumbled across a little clump of permanent Italian stores selling chunky knitted beanies topped with huge fur pompoms in myriads of colours (Ms Possum will be throwing a few of these into her hat range!). Then, next door the Italian laser printed fur collar that Ms Possum just had to have to add to her already substantial fur wardrobe!

Back in New Zealand

So that’s it possums, back to reality and Ms Possum is now busy preparing her new ranges in the midst of 28 degree heat in the middle of a brilliant New Zealand summer.

It’s a Jungle out There

July 4, 2008

One of the real trends that I spotted while in Europe was animal prints, and in particular – leopard. Whether on fur, velvet or faux-fur jackets it was everywhere. Recently, the London Lite newspaper ran a double page spread featuring animal prints. Paired with skinny jeans, it seems to be a real favourite with the under 30’s. Any denim will do though, especially with a little flash of colour. Have a look at the images and read the article below.

London Leopard Style Animal prints latest style Leopard Print Bag Leopard Print Stilletos

One of our most popular pieces of Possum Merino Knitwear is the Possum fur trimmed Venetia Jacket. The great thing about the Venetia, is that with a 60/40 Merino wool to Possum fur blend, you can look glamourous even when you’re rugged up against the winter chill.

PS. A little tip from Ms Possum. If you want to avoid looking like a game reserve at feeding time, Never (and I mean ever) mix your animal prints! Happy hunting.

Fall Fur Fashion from Milan

June 23, 2008

Fur + BlingThe Emporio Armani Fall Collection at Milan Fashion Week featured a number of fur collars and accessories. However, our favourite was the Leopard-print handbag. Very chic!

Have a look at some of the photos here or check out the runway video.

We noticed a few Fox collars similar to our Possum fur Audrey Hepburn, and a jacket trimmed with a collar similar to our fur Shawl Collar.