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Ms Possum One Offs (unless you want one too!)

May 21, 2010

Parisian Possum Fur Swing CoatI recently met a lovely family from Paris who were on extended stay in New Zealand. They wanted to take back with them something totally evocative of our beautiful country. So we thought what better way to stroll the Champs Elysee, or go to the Paris Opera House en Hiver, than in a tailor made shorn black possum fur swing coat!

Wow, after taking umpteen measurements for the female client and two fittings, the coat was tailored to perfection!

The Mandarin collar, invisible pockets and strategically placed design lines all added to the stunning look this one-off piece produced. Shearing a few millimetres off the possum fur resulted in a smooth velvety texture hich oozed luxury.  We hope the Parisians go “ooh la la, c’est magnifique!” at Possum New Zealand’s creation.

Fancy your own tailor made possum fur jacket or ¾ coat?  Allow between NZ$2000-$3500 (ex. GST) depending on the length, fur and cut.  I’ll need to see you for 2-3 fittings and/or one of your best fitting jackets/coats as a guide.

Kids Possum Fur Hat, Collar and MuffKIDS PROTOTYPES
For some reason, kids have been foremost in our custom designs of late.  The Parisian client wanted her shorn black possum fur offcuts converted into something unique for her young daughter.  The result: a fur hat, reversible collar and the prettiest muff this side of the black stump – best dressed kid in Paris we say!

And then two of Ms Possums’ fave kid friends requested cushion covers with a wolf and husky dog embedded on it in possum fur.  Hmmm, having never done animals of this kind before (not that Ms Possum is biased towards other animals) we had to really go figure.  Check out these items and see if you think it looks remotely like the intended little critter…

Possum Fur Cushion Cover - Huskie Possum Fur Cushion Cover - Wolf

Now, if you really like any of the above, we can upload them as an item on the website, but in the meantime simply email us and we can provide you a price for the new items.

Or if you have a unique idea for your kids, throw it at me possums – I may consider making it especially for you.  These projects are fun and fiddly all at the same time, but I get a huge creative kick out of kids items as it takes me back to when I was a young possumette all those full moons ago… sigh.

Click here to view our full kids range.


Possum Fur Head PieceI had a desperate client come into the workshop a few days back.  Her son was getting married in a couple of days and the purple/black mother-of-the-groom dress was more plain jane than red carpet wonder. What to do?!

Just add possum ladies!

We draped a purple raw edge collar over her neck for NZ$112 inc. GST or NZ$99 exported freight free and a custom made possum headpiece (P.O.A) = stunning!!

The only problem now was the Mother of the Groom outshining the bride – what a dilemma!

Regards, Ms Possum

Ms Possum in a Bullish Market

May 17, 2010

Look what Ms Possum has just made!!

Custom Design Moomoo Rug“Not out of possums!” you say…

Er no, Ms Possum does not have racial tendencies to only one furry creature, instead she also manufactures under her “Moomoo” label, as well as the iconic “Possum New Zealand”.

So, this custom design rug is made from 20 mini Friesian cow hides – all carefully joined together to create a work of art that is far more therapeutic than going to the shrink.  We could look at it for hours – in fact Ms Possum did while making it!!

For other Moomoo creations including our new footwear range, visit the Possum New Zealand website.

So my pets, if you have the misfortune of being born a male moomoo in New Zealand, you’ll be collectively called by the name of “Bobby” and a part of you will be converted into a work of art gracing someone’s body or floor.*

For all you other males out there – don’t mess with Ms Possum or she’ll have your hide!!

Regards, Ms Possum

* P.S.: I’d like to put a wee disclaimer here at this point in time for all you animal lovers.  While we have made this rug from the hides of calves, here at Possum New Zealand we are very conscious of where we source our materials from and ensure that no animal cruelty has taken place.  For this particular rug all the hides that were used were from calves that unfortunately did not survive the first few days of their life due to natural elements.

Ms Possum Throws

May 10, 2010

No, Ms Possum is not throwing a wobbly (being the equanaminous creature she is); she’s talking about her range of possum throws.  And she’s been very busy lately making possum fur throws galore!  We’ve recently done a few décor items for hotels and country lodges.  It’s reassuring to know that Possum New Zealand products are being seen by people travelling from all over the world. I must admit, most clients order predominantly natural brown throws in all the different sizes we have, but here are a couple of new throws we did in the last few weeks as an example of what else can be done:

Possum Fur Natural Grey Single Sized ThrowThe natural grey throw (pictured to the left) makes a play of the “blondie” highlights at the edges – it’s great for rustic or country décor themes.  This single bed throw doubled up as a sofa throw for the client’s three seater burgundy coloured lounge suite. It costs NZ$2330 inc. GST or NZ$2072 exported freight free for the single bed size.

Possum Fur Natural Brown Queen Sized ThrowThis wonderful natural brown raw edged queen sized throw (pictured to the right) was for a very special client that had just renovated her South Island villa.  I used special reversible nappa hides so that the underside had a leather look wipeable finish and I went with the natural outlines of the possum hides around three borders. This gave that jagged raw edge look Possum New Zealand is famous for and the fourth border was a turned back possum fur “stripe” that will keep the client’s chinny chin chin warm and snuggly when lying in bed.

Decadently indulgent luxury I say! It’s worth every cent of the NZ$3200 inc. GST or NZ$2845 exported freight free for the queen bed size.  Matching pillows and cushions were sent as well.

But the options don’t stop there possums!

We can custom make any size throw in a range of colours and finishes – all hand cut and crafted with care. How about a shocking pink possum throw with tassels on the ends?  Yep, it can be done- just try me!  Check out the 14 different colour options available on our Possum New Zealand website.

Regards, Ms Possum