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The Latest Fashion for Autumn

October 13, 2008

LEOPARD! It’s one of my absolute favourites, and it seems like it’s Kate Moss’ too… When I saw the leopard print coat that she has designed for ASOS, I just had to have it!

I’m pleased to say it arrived the other day, and looks just as fab in real life as it does on the net. I shall be wearing it everywhere. My spies have told me that it is everywhere in London at the moment – short jackets teamed with structured jeans and tan boots.

This Berman faux fur mini blazer also caught my eye – the cut is just divine, and judging by the photos that accompany it, Kate Moss rather likes this one too!

Don’t forget, if you’re looking to layer your leopard print this autumn, check out our Possum Merino Venetia jacket. Not only is it ultra-warm, if you buy it during October you’ll get a FREE possum fur scarf collar and eco-bag. Over $100 of free stuff, so check it out today!

Eco-Fur in the US

October 13, 2008

One of our re-sellers in the US has featured lately in some press regarding eco-fur. Chrys Hutchings is really working hard to dispel the myths regarding possum fur, and particularly the misconceptions North Americans have regarding Possums and Opossums!

Here’s the link to the article from

The article features an interesting quote from Helen Bain from Royal Forest and Bird:

“They’re probably the Number One threat to our native species, to the birds and native forest plants of New Zealand,” Bain said. An expanded fur trade “would be helpful” in dealing with the problem, she said.

New Zealanders aren’t big on fur coats, Bain said. But there are a lot of possum fur accessories available in the country, including hats, ear muffs and — don’t try to picture this — possum lingerie. More popular are sweaters and scarves with blends of Merino wool and possum fur. 

It is interesting to hear an American’s take on the Possum problem in NZ, even if there are NO grounds for comparing it to the Mink trade!


October 10, 2008

We’re starting a new feature on the Possum fur blog. Steve our erstwhile web designer has left our shores to do his big OE.

So he doesn’t forget Possum NZ altogether, we’ve sent him on his way with one of our new Possum fur toys, nicknamed ‘Furball’. As Steve travels around the UK and Europe, he’ll send back regular updates of what the international fur scene is like, and shots of Furball from some of the worlds great landmarks. Sort of, a Possum photo travel diary.

We’ve just received his first lot of photos from his arrival in the UK.

He can confirm that Jellied Eels taste how they sound…


If you’d like your own furball, keep an eye on the Possum New Zealand site, as we’ll be releasing them in the next week or so.