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Fire & Ice Gala Dinner 2008

September 19, 2008

The Breast Cancer Research Trust held its annual Fire and Ice Gala earlier this month.

Possum NZ were happy to be involved, and donated a red Roll Collar with a matching eco-bag as a lucky dip prize.

Click here to see the photos from the event. It looks like it was a fantastic party, raising $150,000 on the night for such a worthy cause.

Can wearing fur be guilt-free?

September 19, 2008

This article appeared in the online Independent this week. It started off talking about designer Chie Imai who designs under the name Royal Chie, and her ‘Eco Harmony’ range of mink and chinchilla (up to £42,000 for a cape, eep!).  Her take on ‘ecological fur’ is an interesting one

As Imai says, fur can be worn for generations, is organic, causes no pollution, and “returns to the earth”.

The article quotes Possum New Zealand’s take on the marsupial morass

Others, such as Possum NZ, a company run by Teresa Angliss in New Zealand, have already started making hats, scarves and gilets from possum fur.  The animals were originally brought to the country in the 1800s to establish a fur trade, and without a natural predator they bred like, well, possums. Possum-haters say that there are now 17 of these animals for every human on the island.

Possum NZ’s September Special

September 8, 2008

Buy anything over NZ$125.00 in September, and get a FREE Possum fur cellphone holder valued at NZ$40.00, plus, we’ll throw in a complimentary matching fur-trimmed eco-bag!

That’s 3 things for around $125 (less if you’re an international customer)! You could get a Possum fur Pompom scarf like the hot pink one pictured above, or an ultra-popular fur Scarf Collar or Cossack Hat.

IT’s Role in Possum Control

September 8, 2008

This fascinating article appeared in last weeks Business Herald.

Officials intent on getting the country’s rampant possum population under control have a new weapon of mass marsupial destruction. It’s not a new kind of trap or poison – it’s information.

Called VectorNet, it’s an integrated database and GIS system, that monitors every part of the Possum control process. It is hoped that it will help reduce the $60 million that Department of Conservation spends on Possum control each year.

The inital goal of the system is to see bovine TB eradicated within a decade, but it should also see a significant decline in the overall Possum population.

August’s Prize Winner

September 8, 2008

Congratulations to our August prize winner: Helen Swinbourne from Christchurch, New Zealand. Helen won a Possum fur hide valued at NZ$61.00!

If you’d like to receive the Possum New Zealand newsletter, all new registrations in September get a complimentary Possum fur-trimmed Eco-Bag! Click here to register.

Possum Fur Kidswear Range

September 8, 2008

We’ve had lots of feedback from our customers asking about babies booties, and it’s something we’ve been working on for while. Now we’re please to launch a new kids range!

Possum Fur Babies Booties

We’ve got 2 styles of booties – a high cut and a low cut.

The Possum fur high cut booties are amazingly soft and warm and the woollen lace helps to ensure they won’t slip off.

By contrast the Possum fur low cut booties are just perfect for slipping on and off – like little moccasins!

All our baby booties are hand crocheted and come in 6 cutie colors. They’re available in 4 sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months.

The collection also features our super warm Possum fur lined Kids Muff and the cutey Possycat toy. We’ll be adding new products to the collection fairly regularly, so keep an eye out!

Painted Possums?

September 5, 2008

This little doozie appear in yesterday’s Sideswipe.

Sometimes road kill is hard for road markers to spot. Sometimes not.

We usually paint our Possums after they’ve been tanned — perhaps these guys are starting a new trend!